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Best Wedding Planner in Southern Highlands


The Beautiful Collective


"Both Karen & I cannot thank you enough for the ongoing support, guidance & personal care you gave us, not only throughout the preparation to our wedding but also your personal attention on our big day.


As you know, due to Covid we had to reschedule three times, not for a moment did you take your eye of the ball, you had our best interests always in mind.

Our day finally came around & everything went to plan.

Our guests & us had a great day. Comments such as, “without doubt it was the best wedding we have ever been to.”

Amira you are an Angel.” ~ Phillip and Karen Chapman


"Amira made sure we had the most magical, memorable and perfect wedding day. Her incredibly thoughtful approach paired with her meticulous planning, high attention to detail and perfectly tailored process provided us confidence throughout the entire process.

It was clear from the outset the Amira genuinely cared that we achieved our vision. She was flexible, understanding and readily available as she always made time for us, our wedding party and vendors. Her process and welcoming calm nature attracted us to her in the first place and we were so happy to find our that she offered so much more along the way.

Not only did we love our wedding day but thoroughly enjoyed the whole process with Amira by our side.” ~ Kirsty Flick


"In Australia, many couples consider a wedding planner as a luxury. From my perspective, deciding to work with Amira was the best decision we've made since our engagement.

We had a 1.5 year engagement, and Amira was with us every step of the way. To say she paid attention to detail is an understatement. The kind of service and care we received only come from years of experience, and a strong commitment to her work and her clients.

Leading up to our wedding, we had to consider a plan B due to the NSW bushfires.   Amira provided us with clear options and timelines for decisions, and remained calm and patient throughout the process. It was an extremely stressful few weeks leading up to the wedding as we monitored the bushfires. We were so grateful for Amira's help and guidance throughout this period, and could not imagine going through the uncertainty and stress without her help.

On the day of our wedding, Amira checked in with us and our vendors regularly, ensuring things were on track. Her calm yet professional presence was so reassuring for us. Somehow, Amira always knew where to be to ensure everything went smoothly. She even managed to stop a few late-comers who came extremely close to interrupting our aisle walk (THANK YOU AMIRA!)

Our day was an absolute dream come true. I feel very grateful towards Amira for this. Because of Amira's hard work, we were able to fully enjoy our planning process and our big day. From our perspective, hiring Amira is the best thing you can do for yourself and your partner as you embark on this happy time in your lives." ~ Frances and Hayden Dimes


"We are ever so thankful for the love and support from Amira during the year long process of planning for our wedding. I emphasise the words love and support because beyond her job description she has now become a wonderful friend, cherished so closely by my husband and myself.

Upon our engagement we were both working two jobs at the time, so the initial brainstorming process became daunting and overwhelming. To be honest I was putting it off because I hated attention and found the idea of marriage daunting. My husband took it upon himself and found Amira’s service online as he suggested we seek help of a wedding planner. I hadn’t even comprehended this as an option yet. On Boxing Day 2016 we met up with Amira and from that short interaction with her face to face I was so thrilled by her positive vibe and lovely sense of demeanour that I wasn’t even interested to meet with anyone else for the job. We hired her on the spot.

It was such a rewarding and fulfilling journey, we learnt so many important things individually about ourselves and as a couple too (even though we have been together well past a decade) We were also thrown so many unforeseen obstacles, things no one would ever be prepared for. Amira did everything and anything to help diffuse them and was there for us constantly as a listening ear of empathy and our cheer squad to I still hope when we were losing it.

The day was spectacular. It wasn’t just about the fact that we were solidifying a 12 year love story, but also that there would be this vivid and captivating surrounding to bring our fairytale to life. Amira, along with the help of amazing vendors in which she helped us hand pick - turned this vision into something extraordinary. A day that will never escape our minds or our hearts.

Amira pays such meticulous attention to details you would never even begin to think of. Her vast knowledge of vendors suitable for specific tastes/styles will fascinate you. And at any time you can reach out (1AM email threads) even if it is non wedding related, she is sincerely there to listen and help. She even helped me overcome major anxiety.

Amira - you are more than deserving of the highest accolades in your industry. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for Ibrahim and I. When our heads hit the pillow the evening of our wedding we could not fathom how we were the recepients of such a beautiful day. Because of you we are forever grateful xx." ~ Kathleen Sesay


"Amira was my wedding planner for the year I planned my big day and I can highly recommend her to other brides-to-be. She is a truly special person because she genuinely cares and will put her everything into making your dream day a reality. She goes the extra mile. She drove me to stylist appointments, visited the venue with me (which was out of town), constantly gave me advice, answered my questions at one in the morning...

On the day itself, I can't put into words how amazing it was to have Amira on board. I was feeling so stressed and as soon as Amira arrived I just felt calm because I knew she would have everything under control. I have no idea if everything ran as smoothly as it felt it did. There could have been a zillion things going on behind the scenes but my husband and I had no clue. The day was SO perfect. Having a wedding planner is having someone who is on your team and that was so crucial for me on the day. I would not have been able to fully enjoy the day itself if everything Amira took care of was left up to me! Having Amira on-board means peace of mind on the day and in the lead-up. She has a lovely, warm, calming influence and is such a delight to work with. If you're a time-poor, anxiety-prone bride then Amira will be your favourite person in the universe.” ~ Sarah D'Arcy 


"Having a very busy full time lifestyle and planning a wedding can be quite stressful for a lot of people, and we came to a point where
a) there weren't enough hours in the day, and
b) we weren't enjoying the process, which is a shame!
In steps Amira, who was thorough and professional from the outset and made everything feel controlled and easy! In context of the wedding as a whole, having Amira helped us with planning and coordination on the day itself was the best thing we did.
Ended up with a perfect wedding, a relaxed family & bridal party, and fabulous memories.
Would recommend Amira to anyone!” ~  Bobbie Gersbach-Smith 


"I could not have stayed sane without her.  Amira goes above and beyond to ensure you are happy and that your day goes to plan.  Nothing was too much for Amira.  Our big day was exactly as I envisaged and I was stress free throughout which made for the best day of our lives"  ~ Kim Rymarczyk 


"I am so grateful for being introduced to Amira. Not only was she super organised and across the detail, she was also such a calming influence and friend to me throughout the wedding planning process. She gave me complete reassurance and remained committed right up until the end. 
For anyone who is either crazy busy or alternatively just wants a second pair of attentive eyes, Amira is your lady!!" ~ Samantha Watson


Thank you so much for supporting us through this wedding planning journey.  It's been so great having you on board and our only regret is not finding you sooner.  We really appreciate your patience and kindness and how you gracefully handled all our vendors.
Thank you for making our special day happen.  We hope you have as much fun as we plan to! - Tommy and Yen


"Where do I start to describe how very wonderful it was to have Amira plan our wedding?!


I can honestly say that the best part of our wedding was meeting Amira and having her become our sounding board, planner, manager, psychologist (!), guardian angel and friend. From the minute we met I knew we were in good hands and that everything would be smooth sailing. Amira is so genuine, warm, down to earth and calm that you can't help but wish she could stay in your life to plan it once the wedding is over!


We have lost count of how many people have said it was the most awesome wedding they have been to...and this wasn't because it was the most expensive or even the most over the top. It was because Amira ensured we were so calm that we could genuinely enjoy the whole experience rather than worrying about the details. Amira knows the business inside out and isn't someone who will try to push in a direction that won't suit you. I always thought hiring a wedding planner was an extravagance which I couldn't justify. I also had a hard time finding someone who 'got it'.


I met with several well known wedding planners but never felt they were listening to me. Amira was the first person who sat and listened and truly understood what we needed to have a great day. I can now say with total confidence that I would hire Amira ten times over as she is able to provide something nobody else can- total peace of mind and a stress free wedding. Amira is a one in a million and plans the wedding as though it is her own. What more could a bride want? Amira, thank you so very much for giving us the day of our dreams." ~ Josephine and Patrick Murphy


"Words cannot describe how thankful we are for having you as part of our journey.  How incredibly lucky we are to have found you!  You have made this whole wedding saga so easy, so seamless, so organised.  I know I have said this many times but we would not have gotten married if it wasn't for you.  Your reassuring nature, calm and soothing words and super-organised skills have been a God send.  Thank you for everything, we couldn't have done it without you." ~ Adila and Trung Ton


"I had the joy and privilege to meet Amira at the Love on the Lawn Expo and from that day onwards - I was finally able to put down my to-do lists and excel spreadsheets and start to enjoy and cherish my journey as a bride.
Prior to being engaged, I always laughed at bridezillas and promised myself that I would never ever be one. However, as a self-imposed perfectionist, this suddenly became my reality along with a 24/7 job in finance. Amira came to our rescue and worked her magic - I still remember the moment from our first meeting Amira's first question was what we were truly excited about for our wedding and we replied that we were excited for our marriage and that we get to share our first day as husband and wife with our precious family and friends from all corners of our universe. Amira's talent and friendship made this dream a reality for us and I'm one of the lucky ones that can say our day was flawless, perfect and memorable. Amira is humble, meticulous to detail, influential across all our vendors (including the difficult/negotiating conversations we were all too scared to have), loaded with resources/advice that brides/ grooms/ often forget, pragmatic, pro-active, trustworthy, honest and above all, genuine and lovely at its truest form. No doubt this is natural to Amira, which is what makes her stand out boldly from our cold and crowded wedding industry. Amira diligently travelled back and forth into our homes for meetings and to Bendooley Estate (2 hours away from Sydney)– she was always open to suggestions and scheming through insights or alternative solutions (we miss the midnight emails/updates!). Amira’s attention to detail meant we scored a few benefits and bonuses along the way with our vendors. She was always on-call for silly questions, panic moments and fully prepared to attack the joys and battles of a destination wedding. Even when she was on a family holiday overseas, Amira was relentless in checking in with Rob and I.
On the day, our mums/bridesmaids nor myself didn't have to worry or be behind the scenes - we were all able to enjoy and cherish ever moment. All our vendors were aligned to the schedule and responsibilities thanks to an extended and super detailed run sheet – she had managed and executed with our dream team to perfection. When little hiccups came along (and yes they will), they were unnoticed as Amira was quick on her feet to resolve them.
Amira was an unstoppable force who has a Plan A-Z for everything and we were lucky enough to finally persuade her to put her dancing shoes on at the end of the night!
​We cannot thank Amira enough for going above and beyond for our wedding day. We are thankful for so many blessings in our marriage - and one of them includes our new friend we've made along the way. Thank you Amira. xxxx" ~ Rob & Rianne Ware


"I had the pleasure of working with Amira at a recent wedding held at Sergeants Mess.
It’s always a breath of fresh air when suppliers we work with are across everything and Amira is by far no exception. She and I communicated in the lead up to the wedding and on the day not a thing seemed out of place. I have no hesitation recommending For Thy Sweet Sweet Love.” ~  Natillee ~ Tillee Music

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