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Our approach to wedding planning

Every couple should have the wedding day they pictured in their minds.

Having planned hundreds of weddings, we know how to take that picture from your imagination and make sure every detail goes into your wedding day.

There are a number of steps we’ll guide you through to plan the perfect wedding day.


The steps include:

Inlighten Photography

Your vision

Setting your vision for your wedding day is an incredibly exciting place to start.

We’ll sit around the table together over a coffee and have a friendly chat so we can get to know you both.

We’ll ask questions about your values, your passion, and your story as a couple so that we can begin to plan a day that’s going to feel exactly right to you both.

Bring along anything that inspires you — photos from friends’ weddings, Pinterest boards.


It’s not necessary to have any firm ideas. We can just as easily start from a blank page

Vendor selection, management and keeping your budget on track

Searching for and sifting through wedding suppliers isn’t easy — type “wedding photographer Sydney” into Google and  there are 36,000 results.

But the search is critical. The vendors you choose can make or break your wedding day. How do you know whom you can trust, that you’re negotiating the best price and that you’ve got the right inclusions?


Couples come to us all the time after negotiating with vendors on their own.

Their budget is blowing out and they don’t know how to fix it. Often we can help even at that late stage.

However, if we’re involved from the outset, this is where we can always save you time, negotiate the best deals and keep your wedding to budget.

1. Vendor selection

We have an extensive network of quality vendors, so we can match you with the perfect choice for you and the type of wedding we’re designing.

Or we can work with vendors that you’ve already chosen.

2. Vendor negotiation

We will get you the best price and all the inclusions you should have in your package.
We’ll keep it simple and transparent: any savings we make are passed on to you. Your vendors will invoice you directly and you can call or meet with  them any time.

We do not have any commission arrangements with anyone.
Our team works for you and only you.

3. Vendor management

You won’t need to grab your mobile and rush away from your desk to return calls from vendors.

Your inbox won’t be exploding with emails from vendors sending endless lists of what they need from you.

They’ll invoice you directly, but we’ll be their single point of contact.

As your wedding day approaches, we’ll check in with your vendors regularly, so we know they’re ready and they know exactly what is expected of them and when.

4. Managing your budget

No need to keep folders bulging with invoices so you can attempt to work out whom to pay and when.

We'll schedule payment reminders into your diaries and track each expense against your budget.

Relax, knowing your wedding budget is under control.

As your wedding day approaches

As your wedding day gets closer, you’ll enjoy a celebrity lifestyle — menu tastings, dress and suit fittings, hair and make-up trials…

While you’re tasting canapés, our team will be working in the background on the many things that need to get done, including:

  • Creating detailed run sheets for the wedding day. Every vendor will know what’s expected of them and the exact timing on the day. You also won’t have to worry about your best man, bridesmaids or family knowing where to be or what to do.

  • Designing a wet weather Plan B if we need one.

  • Making sure all vendor payments are made.

  • Taking the increasing volume of calls and questions from vendors as your wedding gets closer.

  • Asking vendors any questions you may have — through the whole process, all you need is my number and I’ll take care of the rest.

  • Designing and updating your wedding website — a website is a great way to share important information with your guests and to give them a window on what’s to come on the day.

  • Managing guest RSVPs.  RSVPs are not as simple as ticking a name off a spreadsheet. It’s more like populating a spreadsheet with a thousand dietary requirements and other requests.


Our team will note every detail to pass it on to the relevant vendors.

On your wedding day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and you deserve to enjoy every moment.


On the morning of your wedding day, you'll wake up knowing that your day will be filled with celebrations and love.  There won't be a single cloud of anxiety about any last-minute things to do on your part — because there won't be any.


Get ready, have fun and relax with a chilled glass of Champagne.


We will be working behind the scenes handling last-minute questions from your suppliers, keeping run sheets on track and making sure your venue looks as beautiful as planned.

We’ll expertly make your guests feel comfortable and guide them to where they need to be (and right on time).

You can truly relax on your wedding day knowing that our team will be calmly overseeing every detail during your wedding day until you leave at the end of your reception.

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