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Your wedding day

exactly as you imagined 

What if the hardest part of planning your wedding was creating your Pinterest board?

Scroll down to find out how

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Planning and creating exquisite weddings

Wouldn't you love to have a professional and experienced guide to take care of the endless details and give you back your weekends?

Book your free 45 minute consultation and we'll walk you through how you can stop stressing and start enjoying your engagement.

Let the wedding planning begin

Getting engaged is exhilarating.


Whether the proposal came as a complete surprise or it’s something you planned together, life gets fuller when you’re engaged.

With engagement celebrations still dancing in your mind, you start wedding planning.


You walk out of the newsagent with a bag full of thick wedding magazines.


Hours are spent scrolling Instagram and setting up boards on Pinterest.


You learn the names and meanings of flowers you hadn’t known existed.

Inspiration is high and planning your wedding seems fun and exciting.  Until…

Sydney Wedding Planner

Photos:  Lara Hotz and Inlighten Photography

...The reality of planning a wedding sets in

Two months have gone by and you're no closer to pinning down the perfect wedding.


At the end of another full-on week at work, you're looking at spending most of your weekend on the  wedding.

Instead of spending time together as a couple, you’ve become frustrated colleagues in a second job neither of you wanted.

You’ve joked about eloping, especially after transferring some hefty quotes into Excel and seeing your budget balloon.

The other way to plan your wedding

Your dream engagement didn't include spending less time together because you're too busy learning how to plan a once-in-a-lifetime event.

What if the hardest work you had to do was flipping through those wedding magazines and exploring Pinterest for inspiration?

How relaxing would it feel to hand the nuts and bolts to a wedding planner with the experience, the team, and contacts to take charge of the logistics?

Your wedding planner will expertly gather all those details off your Pinterest boards, and as if reading your mind, bring it all to life on your wedding day

Wedding Planner Sydney
Wedding Dress
You can place complete trust in your wedding planner

Having a wedding planner doesn’t mean you’ll lose control over your wedding. Keep all the decision-making power but relax knowing we’re organising all the finer details. Now, you have an industry expert negotiating with suppliers and managing all the logistics to bring your wedding vision to life.

Wedding planners are for couples investing in their sanity and laying the foundations of a long and happy relationship. And like every good investment, an investment in a wedding planner will pay for itself.
We know the best suppliers — and the right prices and inclusions. We’ll help you to set your budget and keep to it.

We’ll also:

  • Ask you questions you might not think to ask.

  • Take on most of the 250 hours of work that goes into planning a wedding.

  • Give you confidence that you locked in suppliers who can bring your vision to life.

  • Steer you away from unnecessary up-sells.

  • Save you countless interruptions at work because your vendors will call your wedding planner instead.

  • Be there for you on your big day, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

About For Thy Sweet Love

Amira Fleming leads the For Thy Sweet Love team to deliver easy, intimate weddings for couples every week of the year.

Amira started For Thy Sweet Love because she didn’t enjoy planning her own wedding. What she could see clearly was how wonderful it would have been if someone had magicked away all the uncertainty and confusion that comes with planning a major event. For the first time. In your spare time.

Amira decided to do just that for other couples.

Clients love the professional, calm, and organised approach of our wedding planning team.


We’ll be your warm-hearted guides and confidantes.

Wedding Planners in Sydney
Wedding Planners

Let's start planning your dream wedding

Book your free consultation here.

Hunter Valley Wedding
We’d love to help you to plan your wedding

We promise you’ll walk down the aisle feeling relaxed because you know every detail of your day has been expertly organised.


We’ll be there until you’ve thrown the bouquet and set sail towards your future as a married couple.

For a complimentary consultation in the comfort of your own home, please contact our founder Amira.

For Thy Sweet Love provides experienced and professional wedding planning in Sydney, the Southern Highlands, South Coast, and Hunter Valley.

Sydney Wedding Planner

"We enjoyed our special day without any worries whatsoever, knowing that Amira was close by, working in the background to ensure that everything was absolutely perfect."  Karen & Ali Mattabel

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