The Year of Inlighten!

Is it just me or has the last year just flown by???

My dear friends at Inlighten Photography kindly interviewed me for one of their blogs . I was about to write "recently" as it feels like it was just yesterday but shock horror! it was actually almost a year ago...

Bridal Bouquet

Check out their blog:


As a wedding planner, I work with the most dedicated and talented teams.

The team at Inlighten are no exception.

So many of my couples love their Inlighten experience and it really is an experience.

Every couple is cherished and treated like family by Rachael and Dean and their talented and hard-working photographers.

I can't wait to work with the Inlighten team on our upcoming weddings in the coming months but I wanted to share a few of the gorgeous events that they have captured so beautifully over what I am calling "The Year of Inlighten".

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