Trash the dress!

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard of the Trash the Dress movement emerging via social media but what’s it all about and why on earth would anyone ever do it?

What is it?

The concept has many names – ‘Trash the Dress’; ‘Fearless Bride’; ‘Drown the Gown’; ‘Rock the Frock’ to name but a few. They all relate to the same idea of creating unique wedding images at a secondary photo shoot in which the bride dares to ruin her gown in an environment or doing an activity that contrasts boldly with the elegance of the dress and all it implies, for e.g. submerged at the beach or playing paintball.

Why would anyone do that?

There are as many reasons as there are trashed dresses but common among them is the idea that this second shoot allows the bride (or couple) to express something more authentic about themselves than in the more traditional photos from the wedding day. That’s not to say that on-the-day photos can’t be candid, fun or creative but more often than not, they tend to ‘white-wash’ the fiercer, more strident aspects of our personality and brighten our darker tones.

Trash the Dress invites us to be sexy, moody, irreverent, playful and brave in a way that traditional Wedding Photography brings forth the parts of us that are romantic, demure, wistful, soft and sensitive – both can be true – Trash the Dress simply empowers us to tell the full story!

Do I really have to trash my dress?

That’s entirely up to you!

Some concepts such as water play need not damage your dress at all – it may even come out cleaner having washed away the wedding day stains! Even a bit of mud or water-soluble paint could be laundered out. Most people choose to get their dresses professionally cleaned after their wedding day anyway, so you might as well give them something to work with!

Braver souls may wish to rip, tear or even set their dress alight in which case, there’s no coming back! But were you really going to wear the dress again anyway? At least this way, you get to wear it twice and have some remarkable images to treasure forever!

Of course another popular option is to buy a cheap second hand wedding dress specifically for your Trash the Dress shoot so you can keep your original dress in pristine condition.

Do I have to do it on my Wedding Day?

Again, it’s up to you but probably not.

Unless you’re getting married in an exotic location that you want to get amongst in your wedding threads, it’s probably better to leave it until another day. Your wedding day will fly fast enough without adding the stress of another photo shoot, not to mention not wanting to be at your reception in a wet or smoldering dress!

Most people opt to set up a second shoot as part of their photography package soon after the big day so they’re still in a wedding frame of mind and the dress still fits!