Meet the wonderful Bridgette Kirk from The Style Agency

Bridal Style interview with The Style Agency – Part 1

We recently sat down with one of our favourite industry partners - Bridgette Kirk, Creative Director of The Style Agency – to find out more about what drives this tastemaker and leader in the field of Bridal Styling … and to get our hands on some of their Little Black Boxes to gift to our new clients).

FTSL: What is The Style Agency?

BK: We’re Australia's leading personal, bridal, editorial and celebrity styling agency. We have over 40 stylists on our books working in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide.

FTSL: What services do you offer Brides-to-be?

BK: Our Bridal Styling package pairs each bride-to-be with a professional Style Agency Bridal Stylist. They do all the hard work so that our clients can enjoy a personally tailored bridal styling session to meet their individual needs, no matter what their dress budget, size or requirements.

FTSL: What does the Bridal Styling Service entail?

BK: We start with a very thorough Client Form that really gets to the heart of the bride-to-be’s personal style. More than that though, we want to understand all the elements of the wedding to make sure the bride features in that setting.

We have a chat with her to make sure we’re on the same page and can match her with a stylist in her area who will best meet her needs. To ensure it’s a perfect match, we send our bride-to-be a full profile of their stylist including testimonials and images of their previous work.

The Stylist then does a pre-shop to see what’s out there (and pre-selection of gowns that may be fitting) and to make appointments on behalf of the client to try on gowns (and accessories if required) on the day of the Bridal shop (where their stylist will be accompanying them also).

On the day of the appointment, the Stylist spends 3.5 hours with the bride-to-be in back-to-back appointments. By the end of the day, our client will have a very clear understanding of what they’re looking for and hopefully have found their perfect gown. If not, they are welcome to book another shopping session. We do our best to accommodate our brides knowing that no two are the same and so have differing needs.

FTSL: What about Grooms-to-be?

BK: We’ve got them covered too with our Groomsmen Shop. We also offer Bridesmaid Shop as a separate day to your Bridal Shop. And our Mother of the Bride Shop is very popular as a gift (and obviously also available to Mother of the Groom as well!)

FTSL: Why should people consider a Bridal Styling Service?

BK: Every bride wants to look her best and be able to look back at her wedding photos without cringing. If you’re looking for that Bridal Magazine look, we’re your people as we are often the professionals who actually create those looks for the editorials and advertorials which you may be collecting as inspirational images. We represent only the highest level of creatives. In fact, many of our brides have gone on to feature in Bridal magazines with our help.

FTSL: Tell us more about your Little Black Boxes

BK: Our Little Black Boxes are bespoke boxes of premium fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and services. They make perfect gifts for Brides; Grooms; members of the Bridal party; and of course, parents of the couple. The giver of the gift fills out a client form about the recipient and our team of fashion and beauty-savvy stylists individually create the contents of the box and arrange to have it delivered. It truly is a special and unique gift.

FTSL: Obviously we love working with The Style Agency – you make a very complex, emotional and potentially difficult process seem so effortless and your results are spectacular - but what do you enjoy about working with us here at For Thy Sweet Love?

BK: I could say the exact same thing! I don’t think most people realise how much goes into bridal styling or wedding planning – how many different vendors are involved, how many different personalities need to be balanced against each other, how many tasks you’re juggling at one time – and if we do our jobs well, nobody needs to realise. But I think the thing I’ve appreciated most in my dealings with you, Amira, is your integrity. Every discount I’ve ever given you for our services, you’ve passed directly onto your clients. That’s rare and very impressive in the bridal industry.

FTSL: Now I’m blushing! What one piece of advice would you like to share with Brides- and Grooms-to-be?

BK: Don’t waste time and risk expensive mistakes! Engage wedding professionals such as wedding planners and stylists from the beginning and enjoy this exciting time in your life.

Watch this space for Part 2 of our interview when Bridgette shares her top tips for Bridal Style and how to find the perfect dress for your perfect day.

To celebrate our partnership with The Style Agency, we are gifting a Style Agency Little Black Box (Bride OR Groom) to the value of $499 to each of the next 5 couples who book their Platinum or Diamond Wedding Planning package with us.

Bride Box: When the best is better! Filled with deluxe essentials, this bespoke box is a must for any discerning bride-to-be wanting to look and feel her very best leading up to her big day! From indulgent beauty finds to stylish fashion must-haves this personally tailored box is filled with luxe only essentials that are set to impress. Groom Box: When you want to gift that something special to that someone incredible in one very stylish yet romantic way. Filled with exquisite fashion, grooming and meaningful essentials which have been selected specifically for him, this bespoke box makes for the perfect luxe gift from bride to groom.

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