5 Easy Ways for Grooms to Support their Bride-to-be

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Gather 'round guys, I’ve been planning weddings for a while now and I’ve seen just about every pitfall that unwitting grooms-to-be can fall into along the road to their big day. Heed this expert advice and your ride will be much smoother.


No matter how evolved we think we are, let’s start by acknowledging that when it comes to weddings, the bulk of the pressure, expectation and scrutiny falls to the bride. Assuming an otherwise equal partnership, this significantly tips the scales of burden and responsibility. Simply acknowledging that will go a long way. If your fiancé starts behaving in ways you haven’t seen before (TIP: do NOT call her Bridezilla), understand that it’s probably because she’s under more pressure than she’s been under before. Remember this is your wedding too so stay engaged by actively listening and appreciating the extra load she’s dealing with.


OK, so you can’t feign interest in floral arrangements, headpieces, or table runners but partnership doesn’t require every decision be made together – it can also mean playing to your different strengths. Find those things you’re awesome at and take responsibility – create the master spreadsheet, an ultimate playlist, a killer menu, a whole transportation strategy, or maybe turn those travel skills towards planning the honeymoon to end all honeymoons. What ever your thing is – own it and crush it!


… and remember you’re ultimately on the same side. Of course you’re not going to agree on everything but that’s where it’s important to maintain perspective. When arguments escalate – stop and take a moment to remember why you’re getting married in the first place. This allows you to regroup and look at the issue again from a united perspective. In my experience, tempers usually fray most around matters of budget, which is all the more reason to remain involved throughout the process rather than trying to change plans that have already been made.


There may be times when the best thing you can do is stay out of your fiancés way! That doesn’t mean it’s time to take it easy. While she’s tackling this tremendous task on behalf of you both, you can pick up the lions share of the household chores – cook dinner, do that washing, take care of the laundry without being asked and before it becomes a fight. Better yet, take her out once in a while to simply enjoy each others company and remember what it’s all for. Genuine expressions of gratitude will also go a long way to maintaining health and happiness between you.


Sure you could learn the skills to fix your own car, cut your own hair, or do your own electrical work but you don’t because ultimately it’s faster, easier and often cheaper to outsource it to an expert. The same can be said about planning a wedding. It takes an average of 250 hours to plan a wedding and involves a vast network of vendors and service providers – it can be a veritable minefield for couples facing it for the first time… which presumably you are with the intention of only doing it once. It may be that the best thing you can do for your bride-to-be is talk to a wedding planner together to see how they can work with you to create the wedding you both want. This will allow you to enjoy the road to your wedding together and earn you massive brownie points.

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