How to plan your wedding and stay sane!

There is no denying that planning a wedding can stretch a person to their every limit – time, money, and relationships can all be spread very thin by the demands of bringing that all-important day together. We’ve rescued our share of couples at breaking point so here are few tips and tricks that could help save your sanity on the way to your wedding.

Love is forever; your wedding is a day. Don’t get us wrong, we agree that your wedding is one of the most important days of your lives. It is the day that you pledge your eternal love and commitment to each other in the presence of your family and friends and embark on an exciting new phase of your relationship together. That said, when you start feeling the pressure it pays to remember that your wedding is a day that celebrates your love - don’t sacrifice the love for the day! Take time out together to remember why you’re doing this.

Avoid death by Pinterest. Before trawling the infinite resource of brilliant ideas that is Pinterest (and the broader internet), first sit down together and decide on a few key elements you both love. If you love it, pin it! The time you spend looking for something you may love more won't be worth it.

You are not an island. Ask for help. Whilst there are aspects of planning your wedding that you’ll love doing yourself because they play to your strengths, there’ll be others that are outside your skill set that seem laborious, overwhelming, or tedious. Delegate these to your bridal party or an expert but ask them to keep you in the loop.

Prioritise. This begins with setting your boundaries. What is your budget? How much time can you afford to dedicate? Who do you want involved and whom would you rather to keep at arms length? As your resources – time, money, and patience – get stretched, holding these pre-set boundaries will help you focus on your priorities.

Recognise the wall before you hit it. If you've been engaged for some months already and haven't managed to cross anything off your checklist, ask yourself "what's going to change?" If the answer is “nothing”, then the best thing for your sanity is to engage a professional. You haven't done this before so don't be hard on yourself for turning to someone who has. Just be sure to find someone who can see your vision and is flexible enough to be involved to the extent that you wish them to be.

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