Bridezilla? There's no such thing!

We’ve all heard tales about the mythical and much maligned Bridezilla - an otherwise calm and rational woman who morphs into a beastly creature in the lead up to her wedding. She is so reviled that the one question I’m asked more than any other in relation to my wedding planning business is; “Do you really want to be working with Bridezillas?” My answer is simple; “There is no such thing.” And here is why. I distinctly remember the day in the planning of my own wedding that I went from being my mild-mannered self to a so-called Bridezilla. I had been juggling a very demanding 16 hours a day, 6 days a week Supply Chain job and was doing my best to organise our wedding in my ‘spare’ time. Sound familiar? The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was having to tell one of my wedding vendors the details of the reception venue for the sixth time! In my professional life, if I had to tell one of my staff the same basic information six times, information that it is their job to know, they would have been fired. In fact, I’d like to think they wouldn’t have been hired in the first place and that is perhaps the biggest lesson I learned from that experience: choose your wedding vendors as you would hire an employee. If I knew then what I know and put into practice now, I wouldn’t have selected my vendors based on price-range and the slickness of their websites. I would have started by investing time at the beginning of the journey establishing priorities and values and then ensuring that anyone I employed aligned to them perfectly. I would have interviewed them as I do any new candidate applying for a job with me. I would have tested them. I would have read through the contracts more closely and added penalties for breaches. As is any field, the wedding industry in mostly comprised of dedicated, passionate and genuine individuals and companies doing their best to make people’s dreams come true. Unfortunately, it also has its share of people who range from simply inept to downright despicable. Just remember that when it comes to your wedding, you’re the boss. Your vendors are there to assist you in building and realising your vision of your special day, and the majority of them make it their business to do exactly that. If however, you come across one that doesn’t, don’t hire them. If you already have, don’t be afraid to let them go. If you allow anyone, vendor or otherwise, to set their own agenda, treat you poorly, or dictate their demands then your wedding journey will be stressful and exhausting. In my opinion and from my experience, the so-called Bridezilla is simply a derogatory name for bride-to-be who is stressed beyond her limits and feels like she’s lost control. I see my job as a wedding planner as ensuring that no bride (or groom, though no one seems to talk about Groomzillas!) ever needs to be so stressed that they lash out. Modern life is pressurised enough without navigating the minefield of the wedding industry alone. Allow me to guide you through so you can enjoy the lead up to your wedding as much as the wedding itself. For a complimentary consultation, email me at or call on +61 414 419 895.

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